A Cours in Creation :: New Zealand Retreat, 10-12 February, 2018
Do you just KNOW more is possible for Your life? 
But it's not showing up fast enough?
Listen to this letter from Cory here:
From: Cory Michelle

Subject: Calling all Magical Unicorns!
Are you wondering why some things in your life are not working?
 - Maybe you chase bright shiny objects.
 - Seems like you are choosing all the right things.
 - Self sabotage on a regular basis.
 - Say 1 thing then choose something else.
 - Try but things don't seem to be working quickly enough.
 - See some progress but not enough to keep you interested.
 - Feel like you are held hostage by past choices?

You are being held hostage by this reality!
By the training you received your entire life is what is holding you back.
Distracting you.

It's getting in the way.

It should be simple to create the life you desire, a life that makes you sing!

But somehow, weeks pass, and possibly years pass and what you know is possible is.....

Still possible.

Time has passed...money spent... with small incremental changes, or maybe you've created great changes, but YOU just know even more is possible.
And this is where you have a choice.
The choice to break free of this reality, and create your life in a magical, crazy possible way, to inspire yourself, to live what YOU know is possible!
or not.
What if you could easily have your life show up?
Dare I say.... with ease and joy?
You see, you my magical unicorn friend were born with magic. You have it within you right now!  

But this reality we all live in trains us not to be it. 
Trains us not to be as magical, potent and amazing as we truly are.
The way this reality is setup, does not support your natural creation capacities.  It negates every single one of them.

Would you like to CLAIM your magic?
And live it 24/7!
Without unproductive hours of digging in your past and emotional processing what's wrong with you... Because there is NOTHING wrong with you!  Even if people have been telling you that your entire life.

That's why looking for what's wrong is a big fat dead end!
If you are anything like me, I wanted to LEAP to MY new life, a crazy POSSIBLE life!

I was FINISHED spending any more time, money and YEARS not living a life that inspired me.  
Are you ready to leap too?
There are only 3 main elements involved in changing your life... fast.
1. Clear Your Past Energies and Patterns
2. Choose what you'd like to create NOW
3. Creation & Actualization
When you have these 3 elements congruent, the universe can actually hear your asks, responds to your energy... FAST!   

Your choices are congruent with what you know is possible and you follow YOUR awareness of what is possible and right for you.

The Art of Living Crazy Possible course sets you up to be CONGRUENT with everything you ask for.
Not anyone else's point of view, but from what YOU Know.
What's the key?
Being congruent!
You see, when you aren't living a life you know you ought to be, there isn't anything wrong with you.  You are not broken.
You are simply not congruent!

How do I become congruent?
Simple:  Choice!
Ohhh no!  That darn choice word!  GAHHHHHH!
Here's the thing....
When you have your past cleared out of your way....
You KNOW what you'd like to create...
You have the tools to choose based on the life you ought to be living...

It's not so hard.....

And.... the universe THEN knows exactly what to deliver you!
YOU become aware of the chocies to make!
And the Universe responds.

It's like magic... really. 

You become a clear beacon for the universe to deliver.

Would you like to have:

 - Every you ask for to show up?
 - Trust and follow your awareness?
 - Clarity in what you'd like to create?
 - Know the energies of your future?
 - Live a life that may have seemed crazy to you?

This is what you'll experience in this course
The Art of Living Crazy Possible.

You can have all this.  
It's your birthright, it's who you truly be as an infinite being.

When you are willing to be congruent, you have you.
You are invited to the Crazy Possible Party!
Today, you my magical friend are invited to jump into creating your Crazy Possible life!

Past participants have reported that life can change quickly, check out the client love below (click on their face for the video case studies).

Participants from around the globe are becoming congruent, and their lives are changing rapidly. No matter your culture, you being congruent works.

Now, I cannot guarantee what you'll create, or even that you'll create what you think you desire right now.

But what I can say, is that if you join me for this live retreat, you may discover your life expands in ways you cannot imagine....
And the things you think you desire now, may just be a fraction of what is possible for you!
Get inspired about what IS possible for you!
Be sure to check out those case studies and below you'll see what is included in this 3-day intimate retreat.  And maybe, I'll get to meet you in New Zealand!
With crazy gratitude, 
Cory Michelle
Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator
Creator of Crazy Possible Experiment®
The issue unicorns have when they are not fully creating magical lives,
is that they are simply not congruent.  They are not F'd up, or broken. They simply require a different way to create their life.
- Cory Michelle, UnicornCEO
Would you like to
Become The CEO of Creating Your Life?
Here's what participants are saying...

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video testimonial
My life was my greatest limitation
I was the queen of coming up with reasons why not.  Why things would not work for me.  But I knew that more was possible, I just knew it.  After taking the ALCP class I realized that I had tons of evidence that NOTHING would ever work, so I kept creating it over and over.  Well, cleared that and now my business is expanding, I am creating classes, being a contribution to people like I always wanted to, stopped making myself wrong (thank goodness!) and I now KNOW I am magic.  What IS possible NOW??
- Wendy Saw, Canada
"I left my job to create a business but had no idea what I was suppose to do"
I knew that creating a business was what I wanted, but I was lost in choosing what could create it.  After the ALCP course, I can tap into the energies I'd like to have, ask for them, then I am aware of the choices that are congruent.  It's so magical and easy!  I Also moved across the country, have an amazing kind man in my life and live the VIP lifestyle, and I know it has all showed up because the ALCP course helped me discover how to choose it!  
What else is possible now? 
 -Manjit Khalsa, Australia
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video testimonial
If you are done hoping and wishing things will manifest, Cory Michelle will pop you out of this destructive fantasy and help you ignite your true creative capacities. - Kelly Early, Global Citizen
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video testimonial
Everything is so better now!
When I met Cory I did not want to live any longer, I didn't know where to turn.  After learning a little about Ask and Receive, and then jumping into ALCP, I left my low paying job (that I was treated poorly at), got off of 4 medications, and I am actually happy!  It's truly magic. 
 - Tiffany Theen, Florida
All I have to say to whomever is reading this, if you are reading this, just ask yourself, if I choose this, what will my life be like in 5 years?
If you get a light, or expanded feeling, CHOOSE IT, you are in for your #newlife baby! 
- Frank Fradella, Global Citizen
From Light Chaser to Global Leader
Honestly, I attended my first ALCP class just to hang out with Cory, I didn't expect my entire life to uplevel.  Since taking my first course, I have created a global brand using my unique brilliance with telepathy and non-verbal people.  I had 'thought' about it for years, but after this class it was clear that now is the time.  Getting clear on my priorities and what was stopping me was KEY to the changes in my world.  I am happy to announce that we just launched our 2nd Telepathy 101 class and I've been creating 3x the revenue I was before.
   -Delany, Australia
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video testimonial
When I began ALCP, I had a pretty good life. Money was good, my marriage is good... but good was getting BORING. It's been 7 months now, and wow. I am having so much fun, my life went from boring good, to fun and exciting!  - Marissa, California
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video testimonial
Leaving everything created more!
I had a number of things in my life I was unsatisfied with and believed I was stuck.  Stressful job, a relationship that wasn't working.  Both were daily energy and happiness sucks.  After this class I took the leap, and left both!  It was a little scary, but I knew I couldn't choose unhappiness any longer.  Almost immediately, a new job popped up that is so much fun and allows me space, and I am really enjoying creating my life for me!
-Kara, Illinois
Cory, I have to share with you, I didn't think this course would create any changes for me. Nothing ever did before. I was really looking to blame you for not delivering.
 But I happily have to report I was totally wrong!
Turns out, I am a magical creator! I work and I can create! 
 This is the biggest gift anyone could have given me. So much gratitude for ALCP. - Ellen, Norway
From no money and abusive relationship to freedom!
When I took the ALCP, I had no where to turn.  I was in an abusive marriage with kids, I didnn't know what I could do to change it and was terrified of leaving.  It's crazy, when I got clear on the life I wanted to be living, possibilities came out of nowhere.  Long story short, I am now divorced, AND just hit one of my targets of having my very first $10,000 month!  I am the happiest I've ever been. 
-Jennifer C, Illinois
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video testimonial
I said YES to me when I got the awareness that this course is what I was asking for.  No more waiting, which was my old pattern, I just said yes! - Simone Jeffers, Australia
New Life in just 5 months?!?!?!
Mandy began the Art of Living Crazy Possible in April of 2016.  She lived in a small town in Canada, making about $600 per month.  She dreamed of traveling, contributing to people but couldn't seem to change her life.  Now, 5 months later, she has left her small town, been traveling all around the US and attended many courses.  To top it off, she has made more money in 2 months than she did in the last 2 years.  How's that for Crazy Possible?
What you get with 
The Art of Living Crazy Possible
3-day In Person Retreat
Get Clear, Become Congruent, Receive Everything You Ask for!
3 days, 3 elements, ME, YOU, UNICORNS
Ignite the Crazy Possible YOU know is possible!
Live Retreats are limited to 26 people and 
will not be live streamed.
1.  Clearing Patterns and Energies
2.  Choosing what you'd like YOUR life to be like
3.  Creation & Actualization
Leave CLEAR, CONGRUENT and knowing what actions to take immediately!
Bonuses designed to fill in the gaps
Audio download
Video available immediately
Video available immediately
Available immediately
Video available immediately
Available immediately
Video available immediately
Follow up Live Faciliation
Available immediately
What you receive:
  • 3 days LIVE in person with a intimate group of 26
  • Audio downloads of the class, go back and review over and over
  • Unicorn's Guide to Living Crazy Possible workbook + Creation sheets + PDFs to do again later
  • Energetic Clearing Audios to listen to at night for deeper clearing for all sessions (Delivered within 14 days of class)
  • PDF of Clearing Questions and Processes we create in class specific for this class
  • Follow up LIVE Q&A session after the retreat to answer any questions
  • Private Graduates of Art of Living Crazy Possible Facebook Group for 24/7 magic contribution!
Course Details:
  • Dates: 10-12 February, 9:30am-6pm daily, 2 hour lunch breaks  (22 spots currently available)
  • Access Consciousness Bars® Class available February 9th Click here for details
  • Arrive: 9 Feb, Depart: 13 Feb, unless you are coming for Bars, arrive on the 8th.
  • Post Class Facilitation date TBA
  • Access Bars swaps available during lunch and after class, but not during class.
  • Limited to 26 participants to ensure an intimate deep dive for everyone.
Our beautiful venue
Oceanside Resort & Twin Towers
1 Maunganui Rd, Tauranga 3116
Sleeping rooms available

Breaks for 2 hours daily
Restaurants within walking distance
Scroll down current pricing!
No it's not $5k!
But past participants told me it should be!
The Art of Living Crazy Possible®
Get clear, get congruent and create your #newlife!
Which option suits you?
Charged in USD, and country pricing available
New Zealand Residents Use Code ALCPNZ (70% of USD price)
Australians & Canadians Use Code ALCPCA (80% of USD price)
USA, Europeans no code
Additional information in the FAQ section below
1 payment of
Gain full access to all bonuses
$1500 USD
About $1600 NZD with CODE
Deposit to reserve your spot
Pay in full before the event ($997)
Gain access to all bonuses when paid in full
$500 USD
About $550 NZD
ALCP Graduate Rate
For unicorns who have taken the ALCP online or in person before.
$750 USD
About $800 NZD
Upon registration, you gain access to a few bonuses (according to your choice above)
 and the Facebook group.
All class information will be emailed

Access Bars Class February 9th, click here to register.
Countdown until we begin in New Zealand 10 February!
Currently 10 spaces available.
Cory Michelle, UnicornCEO
Who is this crazy possible unicorn?
Crazy Possible life coach Cory Michelle ignites the spark within eliminating blocks and limitations that empowers people to create beyond their situation, in minutes not years.

Living an average life isn’t inspiring any more, people are desiring to have more of what makes them happy, but they don’t know how to do it.

Cory Michelle, international life coach offers a unique flavor of empowerment.  Instead of providing a formula or steps, she empowers her clients to tap into their awareness, to trust their gut, to take actions that inspire the life they have dreamed about. 
She shows them how to change their life in easy, simple and fun ways, that actually work.

* Results vary depending on what you are willing to choose.  ALCP course gives you the tools to do it with greater ease and faster.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I join via video or audio?
This live class in New Zealand, it will not be live streamed.
MP3s will be available to everyone in the course.
If you are seeking an online version, please check out our Video Class here

Due to currency differences globally, we have created a currency adjustment similar to the Access Consciousness® global pricing.
Ours is more general and a change in % to make it ease for everyone.
All classes charged in USD, so if your credit card charges fees for international purchases, you are responsible for those.
To use a currency adjustment code you must reside in that country.  If you register with e currency code and do not live in that country, you will be asked to pay the difference.  We hope you honor you and us and not choose this and create an awkward situation for both of us.
These are not discounts.  They are adjustments to allow currencies that are not as strong as the Euro and USD to participate.
If you have any questions about currency adjustment codes, please email us here

New Zealand, India - ALCPNZ
Canada & Australia - ALCPCA
No Code for American, European, Japan

Access Bars Class offered 9 Feb
It would be super helpful and kind to your body to have your Access Bars run daily during this course (and in life!).
We are offering a full day Certification course 9 Feb, 9:30am-5:30pm in Tauranga (Venue TBA).
During the ALCP course, you'll have time to exchange this dynamic body process that will allow you to be more present and receive more.
Click here for additional information.
Cory Michelle may not be facilitating this class, a local facilitator might do it so she can prepare for the 3 day.

How will we clear energetic patterns?
You'll become really familiar with my favorite tool, the Access Consciousness® Clearing Statement.  It's a powerful tool that clears energetic patterns from lifetimes, where things just disappear.  So long for years of emotional processing.  

What if it doesn't work for me?
What you really are asking, is, DO I REALLY WORK?
YES, friggin HECK YES!  You do.  This program invites you to go from whereever you are now to creating your crazy possible life.  
The question is, are you willing to start believing in you?  If you are, I can contribute.

What if I can't make it to a class live?
If you choose this class, I ask that you be live for all of the class.  Each element builds on the next and it does not work for you to skip sessions.

Will this still work if my spouse is not on board?
Well, if you allow anyone else to dictate what you create, yes.  Infact that can be your reality.  However this course is about YOU choosing to be congruent with the life YOU'd like to create.  

What does UnicornCEO mean?
Thanks for asking!  
UnicornCEO to me means that YOU are the magical being, the unicorn, the one who has been hiding your potency, hiding your magic, but has had it all along. 
C:  Chief - the one in charge! 
E:   Executive - the one who make the choices! 
O:  Officer - the one who has been chosen to be all of this (by you!).

What's the difference between a Live Retreat and the Online Course?
The online course is awesome for someone who cannot travel and would like to have the course now.  It is all the same modules however each class that is facilitated has a unique energy and clearings due to what comes up for people.

The live courses are great if you like an immersion with no distractions, time to actually do the work, and have people around while you are doing it.  Live courses are fun for Cory because she get's to deep dive in with everyone attending.  26 people is intimate and dynamic.  You'll make new friends, and create your Crazy Possible life!

Traveling to Tauranga, New Zealand
If you are traveling from outside New Zealand, you'll be flying into Auckland Airport.
Tauranga is a 3.l5 hour drive or another short flight.
Plan on arriving on 9 Feb, and departing on the 13th.  Class will be 3 full days, 10. 11. 12.

Can't make this ALCP LIve but would like to attend one?
Submit your name and email here and we'll let you know when the next live retreat is announced.
Click here to email our customer service magicians. Please be specific in your issue so they can get you the resolution quickly!
Refund Policy
Refund policy: I ask that you ask 'If I choose this class will it contribute to my future?" If light, purchase (if you like) if not, don't. Trust you and once you've downloaded my products or been in class, you've received energetically that you cannot return. Honor you, honor me, and choose lightness, how can your choices turn out better than you can imagine?
Some changes occur immediately Some take 6+ months to actualize and others are so intangible and seem unrelated that they are hard to identify.
That's how energetic uncreating works.   
If for some reason you would like a refund, you must let me know within 14 days of the first class.  I'll be giving you 1000%, please give yourself 1000% as well.

Also, if you can't get over cussing,  please don't buy anything from me, I cuss...a lot ;)

xo Cory Michelle, UnicornCEO
I'm having it!
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