What could your life be like if you
Received Everything You Asked For?
Cory Michelle & Crazy Possible Experiment™ present
Empowering you to have Ask & Receive be a way of life.
Next call is this Monday, be on live!
The secret non-formula to creating everything you desire.
Ask and you shall receive is a real thing.  
It's a universal principle that when used properly can activate 
magic, miracles, ease, joy and so much more.

What would it be like if you could simply ask....and receive?

No more pushing and forcing, no more struggling and being a victim.

You, ignited as the infinite being you truly are meant to be.
What contribution could that be in your life?
How about the world?

We have all been programmed with lots of limitations, from our parents, society, culture, past lives.  We have so many energetic programs running on our "hard drive", so to speak, that even when we are clear on what we'd like to create, it doesn't always actualize.  

Why?  Because you have conflicting energies running.

For example, the limitation or old program that you got from your mom, "money burns a hole in your pocket", is running in the background.  But you're asking for your business to surpass 6 figures.  So what is showing up in your life is money comes in but you spend it all... or extra bills come up and you never have any money left over, and never feel like you are getting ahead.

Now, if you delete this old program, your energetic field is totally different and it's much easier to make different choices and often times, magical miracles occur.

Have you ever felt like you were in YOUR flow?

Yeah, everything is working out for you, life keeps getting better and better.

That's what's it's like when you learn how to use Ask & Receive to create your life!  

All of life comes to you with ease, joy and glory!®

In this new membership, exclusive to Cory Michelle, we'll be clearing old programing out of your energy field, out of your consciousness and enabling you to create a greater life for yourself.  This is your personal BOOST!

Thank you for you, and I wonder what could be possible?

Cory Michelle
Certifiable F'ing Miracle worker
Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
Creator, Crazy Possible Experiment™
Unicorn Magic Activator

Would you like to clear any
old stuck, blocked energy,
old habits that keep you from
living a life you'd LOVE to be living?
Activate your greatness?
Introducing BOOST & Super BOOST Club
Taking the Crazy Possible Experiment™and giving you a  "BOOST" by deleting energetic patterns interfering with your creation powers.

Clearing limitations that keep you from experimenting to the fullest 
with Ask & Receive.

Clearing stuck, blocked, unconscious. 
Expanding Consciousness.  
Sharpening Awareness.
Making different choices with ease.

Creating YOUR Crazy Possible Reality!
Give me the deets on the 
Weekly Energy Clearing Calls
LIVE Access
PDF of Written Clearings 

MP3 Recording Download
90-minute Monthly LIVE Facilitation with Cory Michelle
LIVE Faciliation
MP3 Recording Download
PDF of Written Clearings
Nighttime clearing loop with clearing questions




Bonus Clearing Audios
Bonus Week #1 Boost Clearings!
Monthly pricing
What do the weekly clearing calls entail?
Weekly clearings calls are based on that week's experiment.  Meaning, the Crazy Possible Experiment™ of the week challenges a set of energies we may use as limitations to keep the experiment from working in it's full potential.

For example: If the experiment is "Ask how does it get better than this?"

If you were raised to believe that it never gets better, to never ask for more, to keep to yourself and don't be selfish, this particular experiment may be tricky for you to even conduct.

So in the clearing call I'd have some clearings to address common blocks to open up space, release heaviness, so you can have more of you, and more of your magic.

For the Super BOOST you get to be on the clearing call LIVE - it's just clearings and you get to say YES! (There are not questions for these calls.)

What are the BONUS Audios?
Included in both memberships are 3 energy clearing loops on the following topics.  These audios can be played over and over as they go directly to the unconscious clearing anything that is ready to go!

  - Creating Money Beyond Bills
  - Stop People Pleasing
  - Space of Your Awareness, Trusting YOU
Watch The Video To See How The Crazy Possible Club
BOOST & Super BOOST work.
I've designed an option anyone can enjoy!

 - BOOST if you would simply like recordings to listen to during your day.

 - Super BOOST if you would like as much as you can possibility get and participate in and have LIVE facilitation with Cory Michelle to clear specific issues.

What would you like?

BONUES CLEARING AUDIOS: (delivered by Jan 10)
  - Creating Money Beyond Bills
  - Stop People Pleasing
  - Space of Your Awareness, Trusting YOU

Plus BOOST Call #1 to download right away!

***The BETA Crazy possible Club is now closed full so we can no longer accept new members. Stay tuned for the next phase of the Crazy Possible Club by connecting with Cory on Facebook!***

"What is possible when you clear away your past
limitations and BOOST your reality?  
Wanna find out?
Join me for the Crazy Possible Club with BOOST or Super BOOST
Cory Michelle, CF, CFMW
Founder of Crazy Possible Experiment™
What people are saying about Cory's facilitation 
Master of magic and Possibilities!
Cory Michelle is a master of magic and possibilities! I love how she gets right to what stops you and assists you in embracing all you desire for your life. She is an amazing and fun facilitator! 
- Carol Updike Reinlie, Radio Show Host, Consciousness Facilitator

Space of new possibilities!
Cory Michelle is by far the most powerful coach I have ever worked with. She's not even really a coach, she's more like a magical miracle worker. My life and business exploded after doing the 5-day with her. I went from doubting myself and worrying about money to a place of pure confidence and creating money with ease. I cannot thank her enough for sharing her gifts with the world.
- Jolie Dawn, Author Sexy, Empowered and Free
Release your fixed points of view and create magic!
Cory Michelle is an incredible facilitator who assists others in creating further awareness, expansion and MAGIC in their lives through releasing judgments and fixed points of view, and she does so with laughter, love and light. I'm so grateful to have experienced her in person, and I'd recommend her Access classes, podcasts and her Crazy Possible experiment to anyone who desires to create more possibility in their life.
- Jennifer Marco, Singer, Voice Coach

***The BETA Crazy possible Club is now closed full so we can no longer accept new members. Stay tuned for the next phase of the Crazy Possible Club by connecting with Cory on Facebook!***

Ordering Questions?
Having trouble ordering?

NOTE:  Please allow 24 hours for a response from our magical support team.

Both BOOST and Super BOOST are monthly memberships. 
You may cancel at any time and your subscription will end at the end of your billing cycle (30 days).  

Prorated refunds are not available.

We invite you to go for a month, listen to all the recordings or be on live. The shifts that occur are usually nonlinear. People report just getting happier, life starts to 'just work' and they have more magic.

If you've been loving the Crazy Possible Experiment, I wonder how much the Crazy Possible Club can contribute to you?

Would you like some of that? I'll see you on the calls!
Frequently Asked Questions
What energy block clearing technique is used?
Cory Michelle uses the potent tools of Access Consciousness®, the clearing statement and some of her own magic.  
Can I be on the live clearings?
With Super BOOST, Yes! Every week you'll receive call information so you can join in the LIVE energy clearing session. Each session will last from 15-20 minutes weekly.  

Remember, BOOST only includes the recordings.
I ordered but did not receive any emails. 
FIRST, please take a moment to check your promotion, junk and spam folders in what ever email program you are using. Also note that Hotmail, Live, Outlook email users often have issues receiving our email notices. In any case, if you have checked your folders and have not received anything from us, please email support@meetcorymichelle.com with your name, email address used for registering, and  the issue you are having. We'd like to get you all the information asap!   
Can I discontinue my membership? 
Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time or downgrade to the BOOST for $22.95/month. Your membership will end the last day of your current billing cycle. All you need to do is email support@corymichele.us and we'll stop payments and you will not longer receive the BOOST membership clearing calls and benefits.
Get a taste of Cory Michelle before your purchase...
We do not offer retroactive or prorated cancelation or refunds. Instead we encourage you to check out 
samples of Cory Michelle's work on her Soundcloud collection if you would like a taste of what Cory Michelle offers: https://soundcloud.com/cory-michelle Or visit her Youtube Channel here: http://bit.ly/YouTubeCoryMichelleVids
If I only listen to the recording will it still work?
We've found that listening to the recordings clear energy and create more space in your world with whatever you are willing to release. Plus with the other goodies you'll be set up to be in receiving mode.  
2016 Crazy Possible™ Cory Michelle Intl